What we do

What we do

The FAHU Foundation believes that savings groups that provide members with the means to cope with emergencies, build capital, and recreate social dynamics that support genuine self-reliance, are an efficient and effective anti-poverty and empowerment tool. The current strategy of the Foundation is to partner with reputable organizations with proven track records of implementing savings group projects or innovative projects that could lead to advancements in the field.

When assessing whether to fund a project, the Foundation looks for the following elements:


FAHU is interested in shepherding innovations that have the potential to break new ground or have wide-scale impact/s that could be used by the many practitioners that implement savings group projects. Consequently, the top priority of the Foundation is supporting “pilot” projects that test new methods, utilize new technologies, or reach new target groups.


Entrepreneurship is another tool recognized by the Foundation to help people improve their economic condition and thus projects with an element of entrepreneurship are favored.


The Foundation recognizes the value of academia and has a keen interest in supporting research projects that may generate new knowledge and/or scalable solutions.


FAHU is interested in projects that result in the sharing of lessons learned and/or advancements with other practitioners in the field.


The Foundation is committed to creating a long-term impact that lasts well beyond the end of a project.


FAHU prefers projects with clear objectives, where a baseline is established before the project is implemented and an evaluation is conducted at the conclusion of the project, so that impact can be adequately assessed. The Foundation requires regular reporting on all ongoing projects, in an effort to ensure that projects are on track and that the objectives are being met.
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