About FAHU Foundation


The FAHU Foundation

The FAHU Foundation was established in 2007 to make a positive and continuous difference in the world (see constitution). FAHU is governed by a group of personally vested individuals, most of whom volunteer their time. Being free from all political, religious, or economic interests and constraints, the Foundation is free to choose any partner and engage in any intervention that will help fulfill its strategic goals.

Since its inception, FAHU has supported initiatives in Latin America, Asia, and Africa that addressed the root causes of poverty and provided sustainable solutions for improving livelihoods. The Foundation has promoted the inclusion of marginalized and vulnerable groups, such as people with disabilities, people living with HIV/Aids, indigenous peoples, and illiterate people, in its savings group projects. Click here to read about the FAHU Foundation's projects.

FAHU’s current strategy is to partner with organizations to support innovative savings group projects. Read more about what the Foundation does here.

FAHU does not accept unsolicited applications but instead issues calls for proposals or specifically invites organizations to submit project proposals. For more information, please contact us.

The FAHU Foundation strives to create lasting sustainable development

by supporting interventions, such as innovative savings groups projects,

that help people to help themselves.